256-bit VPN Encryption

AES 256 is a strong vpn protocol that provides much better encryption and data confidentiality than 128 bit. If you can imagine, 256 bits equal the number of atoms in the universe and it is really a secure connection if it is encrypted with a key that has 2e256 key combinations (3.4 x 10e38 approx). The processing is directly proportional to the length of encryption key. It would require comparably more time for this type of encryption to complete. 256 bit AES Encryption protocols are slow in speed, but this problem can be solved if your VPN Provider is running Gigabit network. SSTP, OpenVPN and SSH2 provide 256 bit encryption.

128-bit VPN Encryption

This encryption is widely used by 802.11 wirelesses LAN to assure data security. Most of the Windows XP versions have 128-bit encryption enabled and it is best to encrypt the PPTP tunnels. It may lag behind in stability and security. PPTP offer 128 bits encryption using  MPPE protocol, while L2TP offers 128 bits using Advanced Level Encryption i.e. 128 bits AES. Almost all VPN Providers offer this minimum level of encryption. This level encryption or no level of encryption is preferred for streaming services and websites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, iPlayer and  several other high bandwidth consuming internet services.

Shared and Dedicated IP VPNs

Shared IP address is mostly preferred by the users who need vpn for internet browsing, emailing, watching programs over Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and other streaming websites. These users share their IP address with many other users logged currently in that particular network. Shared IP address makes you preferred while using an unsecured Wifi connection also provides access to comparably higher number of VPN servers throughout the world depending on the vendor’s services and assure high degree of anonymity from other users. It is a tough task to single out a particular user from among uncountable users sharing similar IP address. VPNs with dedicated IPs are for the users who want privacy and seek secure transfer of data over the internet without the intervention of any third party in  between. A dedicated IP is helpful in accessing the network ports that have been blocked by the respective Internet Service Provider. With dedicated IP you get your own IP address and hence negate the fear of being blocked due to any undesirable activity online. It is the best for open ports that operate with the help of routers (preferably DD-WRT). Dedicated IP sets you free from Remote Port Forwarding, also gives you additional security in limiting the access of particular information or particular server from one or more specific IP addresses.

Reasons why you need to have a VPN account

There are many reasons why you need VPN account. First of all wireless internet access has numerous vulnerabilities that may lure mischief makers to do harm to your system. Because hotspots are available to the general public, they are also popular locations for those looking to target unsuspecting network users. Someone can just connect to the network and start sniffing out sensitive information such as user names, passwords, credit
card information and so on. Having a VPN account will help prevent a snuffer from accessing sensitive information.

Full anonymity by hiding your real IP

Today, there is some websites that does not respect your privacy. They
place track your surfing activities without your permission. While most
websites do that with good intentions, there are some websites that do not. So
the right thing to do is to take precautions by connecting through a VPN. That
way, you remain anonymous by hiding your real IP address. When you are in a
private network, your IP address cannot be tracked. This means that you get
more privacy as you surf. It is not difficult to set up a VPN. Professional VPN
service providers will be able to setup a VPN account for you. When you want to
go online, simply login to your VPN account and start surfing.

Protect from spyware and viruses by using VPN Service

When you surf the Internet, you are actually on a public network. That means that if your system is not protected, anyone with malicious intent can create all sorts of problems for you. Some of these problems include spyware, viruses, intrusion attacks, etc. To prevent that from happening, you can install additional hardware or software. When you install new hardware it acts as an active Firewall. That may help to stop many of the attacks. I prefer to do it with software, with VPN. A virus can easily infect a vulnerable system without the knowledge of the computer user. With a VPN connection, intruders cannot pinpoint the exact IP and therefore, exploits cannot take place successfully.

Unblock Skype and VOIP with VPN Service

Working and living away from home, makes our communication
difficult, because the cost of phone calls using local service providers are very expensive for international phone calls. I tried to find alternative way to communicate using VOIP providers that are blocked in certain Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Skype and other VOIP websites blocked by my Internet Service Providers I had to find a way of bypassing these restrictions to use these services. The best solution was VPN connection. VPN is currently the most advanced form of anonymity and data security for use on the Internet. After downloading this software, I use the service either to call home PC to mobile in conjunction with any VOIP company, or use it to have censorship free access to the internet without any government restrictions.

Benefits of using VPN Service

VPN is a virtual private network or tunnel over the Internet. Each VPN connection is totally anonymous on the internet and it helps to keep your activities secure and safe. VPN internet access is an attractive option for people worried about their security and privacy.

Benefits of using VPN service: Anonymous online surfing; Unblocking websites all over the world, irrespective of what country you are; Bypassing your school or office firewall without leaving a single clue what you surfed; Unblocking VOIP all over the world; Supporting calling cards businesses; Gaming online in any country from any country in the world and Watching any TV programming from anywhere in the world.



SSL Plan for secure and anonymous surfing

SSL connections are used for online banking activities. SSL VPN solutions safeguard crucial business data. Each information is encrypted through a SSL on the Internet. The tunnel leads to one of the VPN servers which, in turn, forward the request onto the Web. This way you can act completely anonymously on the Internet. SSL VPN application leads to high-quality network function and minimized the overall operation cost, and results in maximized productivity for your organization. The Web sites you visit will merely see the IP address of the VPN servers. All you need to do is install the VPN service on your machine. A setup wizard assists you in establishing the connection to the server and activating your account. Once your access has been activated, the main window displays the amount of GB you used within the current month, which gives you 100% control of the costs.

Using airport and hotel wireless brings security risks?

A lot of people use airport and hotel wireless connections when they travel, but there is a potential security risk. Wireless connections can open you up to additional security vulnerabilities because all your data is travelling through the air, so intercepting transmissions is much easier than a wired internet connection. There are several levels of security on a wireless installation, from completely open, to highly encrypted, but the security stops at the router. Once your data hits the router, it is vulnerable to inspection and tracking. VPN protects you by encrypting the data and preventing logging of your activity. VPN establishes a tunnel between your computer and one of the VPN servers. Than all your activities, on the Internet, are carried out,  through that tunnel.